Digital Image License

Digital Media and/or Product(s) may be available for purchase through the online store or through contract with Tessa Bailey Photography. Tessa Bailey Photography permits the buyer a non-exclusive, non-transferable perpetual, non-commercial license to download and copy the agreed upon Media and/or Product(s), of which are subject to the below restrictions listed below:

  • The license is solely to be used for personal use and non-commercial work. No commercial use of the Media is permitted under this agreement, unless a commercial license is purchased. Title, ownership, copyright, and all rights both current and in the future, of the Media and/or Product(s) will belong exclusively to Tessa Bailey Photography. There are no warranties, express or implied under this provision, and the customer accepts that the Media and/or Product(s) are provided ‘as is’.
  • Under this provision, neither Tessa Bailey Photography and/or utilized vendors will be held liable for any additional third-party claims, incidental, consequential, or otherwise alleged damages arising out of the license or buyer’s use of the purchased Media and/or Product(s).
  • A commercial license may be available upon request and will require an additional contractual agreement between Tessa Bailey Photography and the customer. Please contact for more information.

Customer Allowable Actions

Customer Allowable Actions include all personal and non-commercial use of the Media and/or Product(s), which permits the customer to perform the following actions:

  • The customer may display Product(s) and Media on personal websites and computers.
  • The customer may make images and or prints for personal use.