Terms of Sale

All TERMS OF SALE listed here are applicable to the purchasing of any images, prints, canvases, imaging services, Media and/or other Product(s) available through Tessa Bailey Photography’s online store. The TERMS OF SALE may not be altered or amended in any way through the use of any other document, such as purchase orders, emails, etc. A separate written agreement between the customer and Tessa Bailey Photography must be validated and signed if any alterations or amendments to the TERMS OF SALE are instituted. In the event of conflict between TERMS OF SALE and provisions stated in the TERMS OF USE, the document TERMS OF SALE will govern control conditions of all Products.

Tessa Bailey Photography facilitates purchasing of Products manufactured through its relationship with its party vendors. Purchasing of these Products, will constitute your personal acknowledgement that through the manufacturing, printing, etc. of these any of the available Media and/or physical medium Products is performed by said vendors, and that Tessa Bailey Photography’s role is solely to facilitate and support these vendors for each order pursuant to these TERMS OF SALE.

Photo Downloads; Shipping Terms and Policies

If any digital download of Media and/or Product(s) is included under purchase agreement, or contract, the download will be made available through Tessa Bailey Photography Sales upon receipt of valid Payment Information, or alternatively through an email address provided at the time of purchase. Downloads are only available once, and it is the responsibility of the customer to save the file following download.

If any physical Media and/or Product(s) are purchased, Tessa Bailey Photography will use all commercially reasonable efforts in conjunction with third party vendors to ship all orders for such purchases within the estimated delivery time applicable and chosen by the customer presented at order checkout. The customer will not hold Tessa Bailey Photography reliable for any delays in shipping. Tessa Bailey Photography and its utilized vendors reserve the right to substitute another carrier of equal or lesser cost to deliver your order at our discretion. The customer accepts all financial responsibility for shipping charges, which will be included, shown, and available for view during the order process. The shipping charge shown during the checkout process is subject to verification and to correction or change without notice. If the actual shipping charge is more than the amount shown in your shopping cart, Tessa Bailey Photography will contact you with the correct shipping costs before processing your order, and the customer will have an opportunity to cancel the order.